Video Series Session 9 - Roots and Wings. Borrow an Egg: children. friendship
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Video Series Session 9 - Roots and Wings. Borrow an Egg: children. friendship

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In Session 9, Susan Miller will be covering chapters 13 & 14 in her book, After the Boxes Are Unpacked. 45 minutes

Moving can have a big impact on children. In this session, Susan will emphasize the importance of encouraging them to have roots in Christ and will offer ideas to help them adjust and adapt to all of the changes.

Susan will also examine the all important need for friends: how to make friends, how to be a friend, and qualities to look for in a friend.

Since the series is based on the book, After the Boxes Are Unpacked, it is highly recommended that you read it in conjuction with the video. Also recommended is the Newcomer Study Guide. With this guide, you will be led to go deeper and be open to what God may be doing in your life.

Video Series downloads are intended for individual use. Groups who wish to view the series should order the complete, 3-disc, 12-session, Video Series

When you purchase the complete Video Series, you also get:

  • One-on-one support from our global team
  • Facilitator Guide. This guide has done all the homework for the facilitator and will help promote discussions and encourage your group to get the most out of their time together. View a sample
  • Publicity for your study at and on Facebook
  • Referrals to your study when we are contacted by a newcomer in your area 
  • Online Teaching Resources: reproducible handouts suggested for each session, teaching and publicity ideas, and publicity materials - including a reproducible poster, brochure, and half-page flyer.
  • Publicity aids - get the word out about your group!

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