Complete Mover's Gift Collection
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Complete Mover's Gift Collection

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Everything you'll find in the Mover's Gift Collection PLUS the newly revised Scriptures for the Uprooted!

Our popular Scriptures for the Uprooted has been refreshed and recreated in a thinner, more convenient size! This daily flip book will encourage you on your journey through major life change with its 116 Bible verses and 24 key quotes by Susan Miller - all from her book After the Boxes are Unpacked. 4.5"x5.5" spiral-bound

In addition to the Scriptures for the Uprooted, the collection includes: an autographed copy of After the Boxes Are Unpacked by Susan Miller, the NEW After the Boxes Are Unpacked Companion Journal, and an attractive, sturdy bookmark printed with 16 scripture verses to reinforce Susan Miller’s principles of “let go, start over, and move forward." We will also tuck in the latest issue of Bloom!

Plus, we include a FREE copy of But Mom, I Don't Want to Move! by Susan Miller. A $10 value!

For more than 20 years After the Boxes are Unpacked has helped thousands of uprooted women face a move with greater hope and trust in God. Now expanded and updated, this book will encourage the uprooted today and for generations to come.
The After the Boxes Are Unpacked Companion Journal will take the mover deeper into the unique experience of her move and help to open the door of her heart and spirit to allow God full access. He wants to take her on a journey of experiencing Him in a way that will be life-changing.
But Mom, I Don’t Want to Move! gives mothers the guidance they need to get their children through this major change. Author Susan Miller, who has relocated with her family 14 times, provides practical ways to ease the uprooted feeling children may have before, during, and after a move. Offering specific ideas based on the ages of children and the variety of reasons for relocating, this book is a complete guide to making the adjustment to a new house, school, and community as smooth as possible.
We’ll wrap the Mover’s Gift Collection with a lovely bow and include a card with your name and the greeting “Welcome to your new home!”
If purchased separately, this package would cost $26.00. Save $3.00! Plus, But Mom, I Don't Want to Move is a $10 value!

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