Videos for the uprooted

During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis we want to do what we can to support leaders and members of After the Boxes Are Unpacked studies who are choosing not to meet in person.

For those study groups that are choosing not to meet face-to-face, Just Moved Ministry is offering members and leaders one free download of each individual video session of Susan Miller teaching that session. We are encouraging study groups to watch a video session, then meet online (try Zoom) together to discuss and share.

Leaders, please send an email to to request the code that will enable you and your group members to download. Please provide your name and the location of your study group.

Questions? Call 480-991-5268. In an effort to observe social distancing, our staff is currently working remotely, but we are monitoring the phones so leave a message and we will return your call ASAP.

Under normal circumstances, session downloads are intended for the personal use of individuals who cannot attend a group study or who have missed a session in their group study. For a group study, please purchase the Video Series on DVD. The Video Series comes with valuable tools that will enrich and simplify the job of a facilitator of an After the Boxes Are Unpacked study.